Fatima Kassab Mohammad Al Hmoud

College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Basic Sciences "Humanities and Scientific"

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General Information

Name : Fatima Kassab Mohammad Al Hmoud
Faculty : College of Arts and Sciences
Department : Department of Basic Sciences "Humanities and Scientific"
Rank : Associate Professor
Email : f.alhmood@aau.edu.jo

Research Statistics

Google Scholar Publication Count : 13
Total Citations in Google Scholar : 2
H_Index : 1
Scopus Publication Count : 2
Total Citations in Scopus : 0

  • Islamic Comparative Jurisprudence.
  • Comparative International Islamic Relations.
  • Countering Extremism and Terrorism.
  • All topics related to Islamic Political Policies.

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As an Associate Professor of Islamic Jurisprudence, my teaching philosophy is centered on fostering critical and comparative analysis, embracing an interdisciplinary approach that integrates historical, cultural, and ethical perspectives. I am committed to cultivating a dynamic learning environment in which students are encouraged to engage deeply in the rich diversity of Islamic law, its application, and its interplay with various legal systems. By emphasizing interactive learning and technological integration, I aim to equip students with comprehensive understanding, analytical skills, and a strong ethical foundation. My approach prioritizes continual professional development and scholarship, preparing students to contribute meaningfully to the evolving landscape of Islamic jurisprudence.

My research in Islamic Jurisprudence is grounded in the exploration of Islamic comparative jurisprudence, comparative international Islamic relations, countering extremism and terrorism, and Islamic political policy. My aim is to gain a comprehensive understanding of these areas through a multidisciplinary lens that combines legal, political, and cultural perspectives. I believe that comparative analysis and contextual understanding are crucial for addressing contemporary challenges within and beyond the Islamic world. Through rigorous scholarship and critical inquiry, I aspire to make meaningful contributions to the discourse on Islamic law and its intersection with global issues. My goal is to provide insightful perspectives and practical solutions that resonate within the academic community and have a broader societal impact.